M2X Rate Limiting Rules Adjustment

We’ve modified our rate limiting rules in order to simplify the developer experience.

Rate limiting is an important component of any API, as it ensures that any one user is restricted from negatively affecting the user experience of all other users the service.

Our previous rate limits applied a 10 requests per second limit on datapoint write requests and a 2,500 requests per minute limit per IP.

With the new rules we’ve removed the 2,500 requests per minute per IP limit in order to provide devices on the same network higher limits. Additionally, you’ll be able to make more requests per second.

Please review the updated Rate Limiting rules for more information.

The Changelog notes published here are selected high-level summaries of changes introduced to the M2X service, M2X client libraries, and M2X API and should not be considered as a definitive source of information on all changes. Please consult the appropriate M2X documentation for additional details on any changes noted here.

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